Here at Country Metals we know the function of your building and the health of your animals are vital, which is why we’re committed to creating a durable, versatile building to meet your needs. And with the wide variety features we offer can further add to the comfort and functionality you want.

We know your business can’t stop to oversee new construction. That’s why we provide custom design and partner you with one of our Preferred Contractors who will understand and meet your needs. Regardless of what your livestock building “must-haves” are, we’re glad to guide you through the building process. The result is a facility that runs smoothly and looks great.

  • Wide variety of exterior options including dormers, porches and cupolas
  • Great selection of doors including walkthrough, dutch, bi-fold, sliding, and overhead
  • Many styles of high quality windows
  • Full insulation available

  • Heavy duty trusses
  • 40 year steel siding and roofing
  • Top grade lumber
  • Top quality fasteners including screws and nails in both steel and galvanized